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Set yourself apart — one certification at a time

The business world moves fast. Some of the skills employers demanded last year are irrelevant today. You need to keep your abilities current if you want to stay competitive. One way to do that is by earning professional certifications in specialized areas that are recognized throughout the industry, such as paid advertising, analytics, and digital marketing. We’re here to help.

We’ve incorporated several industry-driven certifications directly into our curriculum so you can graduate with the credentials and confidence to impress employers. By earning one or more certificates, you’re equipping yourself with skills that other professionals may not have and proving that you’re committed to your industry’s future.

When you earn advanced certifications from industry leaders through Maryville Online, you can prepare for the careers of tomorrow — with the right education today.

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Our curriculum evolves so your skills can, too.

We believe that the more value we provide through our degrees, the more value you can provide to your business or organization. That’s why we offer several industry certifications through our online bachelor’s and master’s in communication programs. Each certificate is strategically built into select courses to maximize your potential and make sure you can meet the demands of today’s industry.

How do we know what employers expect from job applicants? Because we’ve asked them. We consistently work alongside top employers and technology companies to understand how we can prepare you to be exactly the type of communication professional they need. Integrating relevant, industry-driven certificates into our curriculum allows us to produce more qualified candidates — and empowers you to become one of them.

As the industry continues to change, so will the certificates we offer through our online bachelor’s and master’s in communication coursework. We’ve got you covered.

Why should you earn an industry certification?

Everyone has a resume. But only professionals with advanced skills have a resume that stands out. Earning a certificate from an industry leader — like Google, Facebook, HubSpot, or Salesforce — is a great way for you to build a resume that catches an employer’s eye in today’s highly competitive job market. In fact, Dustin York, program director and associate professor of communication at Maryville, believes that certificates give you a “stamp of approval” and indicate to future employers that you’re committed to the field and what it takes to be part of it.

Along with boosting your resume, a certificate can broaden your technical knowledge and provide career advancement opportunities. One reason for an improved career outlook is that industry-recognized certificates can help keep you informed about the latest digital communication technology. Having this knowledge can make you a more valuable asset to any company, but especially in roles with a strong digital or technology focus, such as social media, web analytics, or digital marketing.

With an industry certificate, you can:

  • Update your knowledge and skills
  • Build professional credibility
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your career
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Be considered for advancement opportunities

Which industry certifications can you earn with Maryville Online?

Everyone has a different motive for earning a degree, and the same is true when it comes to earning an industry certification. Maybe you’d like to specialize your knowledge in content marketing and brand engagement, or perhaps you’re energized by data and would like to dig into the meaning of certain metrics a little more. Either way, it’s important for you to identify why you want to earn a certificate and consider how doing so may help you grow personally and professionally.

Since our coursework correlates with each industry certification, you’ll be able to apply what you’re already learning in your communication degree program to earn the certificates of your choice. If you’ve already earned the relevant certificates listed below but would like to enhance your skills further, you can work with your program director to find an alternative certificate that aligns with your career goals.

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We offer a variety of certifications, each issued by an industry leader. To ensure the best possible educational experience for our students, we may update our curriculum and the certifications offered within our coursework to reflect emerging and changing employer and industry trends. In the fast-paced communication field, the future belongs to the brave.

*You only need to pass one exam to receive your certification, but you will need to take the exam every year to retain your status.

Note: Certificates are subject to change as industry trends evolve.

How can an industry certification help your career?

Woman interested in earning certificate for potential salary increase

Whether you’re interested in earning a certificate for the potential salary increase or the professional credibility, you can achieve both with the right credentials.

A survey conducted by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce found that studying and working in the same field is “one of the most important factors that affects earnings.” To be more specific, according to Simplilearn, online certificate programs have the potential to increase salaries by 20% to 40%. The industry-driven certificates we offer through our online bachelor’s and master’s in communication program may help you achieve similar results.

“The certificate functions as a supply signal, saying, ‘I’ve got some skills that are increasingly in demand in the market.’” Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies

But you’re not the only one who benefits from earning a certification like this. Many employers today are seeking professionals with specialized skills that can help their organization grow and develop in new ways that differentiate them from competitors. In fact, Burning Glass Technologies recently found that certifications are typically used to validate in-demand skills or readiness for hard-to-fill jobs, providing a signaling mechanism for employers to find qualified talent.

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Economic Policy, more than a quarter of the employed U.S. population holds a license or certification on top of any degrees. If you want to stay ahead in the professional world, it’s the perfect time to consider which certificates you should earn to support your career.

Do it for the future of digital — and yourself.

Every day is different in the digital world, but that’s what makes it exciting. What’s not so exciting is feeling like you’re unable to fill the needs of a growing industry due to lack of training.

That’s what makes industry-driven certifications so important: Along with filling the industry’s needs, you can fill your own by developing skills that can help you progress from coordinator-level roles all the way up to manager or director.

At Maryville, we understand the value of continuous learning and keeping up with trends in technology. It’s one reason why we’ve integrated the most in-demand certifications into our coursework. Each certificate aligns with your coursework and can prepare you for specialized digital roles in the marketing and communications industry.

A few of these roles include:

Photo of Dustin York
“Industry certifications give you an instant, recognizable ‘stamp of approval’ from reputable industry leaders. It is a differentiating factor on your resume, and gives you authority in your job search.”

Dustin York, Associate Professor of Communication

We know how valuable the right credentials can be.

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Everything you need in one online degree.

Typically when professionals are interested in earning a certificate, they need to enroll in — and sometimes even pay for — a program separate from their degree. Not at Maryville. We’ve built the training into our online bachelor’s in communication curriculum and our online master’s in communication curriculum to make sure you’re industry-ready from day one.

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While it’s possible for you to acquire each certificate on your own, there’s value in earning them as part of your online bachelor’s or master’s in communication degree. Here are just a few reasons why Maryville’s integrated approach is more favorable to your learning experience than earning a standalone certificate:

  • Align your coursework with certificate requirements
  • Receive support from faculty members and peers
  • Earn a certificate in place of taking an exam
  • Graduate with three or more industry certificates and a degree
  • Avoid spending time post-graduation to earn the same industry certifications

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