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Master’s in Business Administration Online

Our online MBA program was created for you.

The business world needs bold and visionary leaders. That’s why Maryville University created the online Master of Business Administration — a faster, more convenient, and affordable way to earn an MBA.

In as little as 12 months, you can get the online MBA degree you need to qualify for top-level leadership roles in any organization, in virtually any field. When you enroll in the St. Louis, Missouri-based online MBA program at Maryville, you will enjoy the same high-quality education as our on-campus students. You’ll take the same rigorous courses rooted in reality and research, and you’ll learn from the same expert faculty who are passionate about helping you advance in your career. Plus you’ll have the flexibility to complete your coursework from anywhere in the U.S.

What’s more, you’ll have the ability to customize your online MBA degree with a choice of 12 concentrations in some of today’s hottest fields.

See for yourself. Everything about our online MBA program is designed to help you redefine your role in today’s business world. If you are ready to take the next brave step toward fulfilling your potential as a capable and confident business leader — on your own time, on your terms — then Maryville University is open for business.

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100% online with no campus visits required

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No GMAT, GRE, or application fee

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Degree completion in as little as one year

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12 concentrations to customize your degree

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No previous experience in business required

Why earn your online MBA degree?

As organizations scramble to position themselves for future success, they need top talent — professionals with strategic vision, team management skills, and the ability to influence colleagues, employees, and clients. Earning a master’s in business administration can help you gain these skills and stand out in a crowded job market.

Whether you are looking to become an expert in your current industry, accelerate your professional development, transition to a field that better matches your interests, or level up your leadership skills as you start down an entrepreneurial path, Maryville’s online MBA program provides the flexibility you need to get there quickly, conveniently, and on a schedule that works for you.

Benefits of an Online MBA, No GMAT

In business, connections matter. When you enroll in our online MBA program, you join a network of future leaders. You also have a chance to dive into case studies and projects that deepen your knowledge in a range of sectors and industries.

The online MBA program is designed for you to:

  • Gain real-world knowledge and skills that you can apply in your job today
  • Enjoy an accessible, high-quality, student-centered MBA
  • Develop the business expertise to stand out from your competition
  • Build your business competence and confidence through a practical curriculum
  • Get hands-on experience as you solve business challenges and examine current case studies
  • Learn from and network with active professionals who share their expertise

Maryville University crafted its Missouri-based online MBA program to be highly accessible to all students, which is why the online MBA has no GMAT or GRE entrance exam requirements, no application fee, and the flexibility to complete your degree from any location on your own schedule.

12 Ways to Customize Your Online MBA Program

To separate yourself from the competition, you can choose to complete an MBA concentration in a field that matches your career ambitions. The more specialized you become, the more you can distinguish your talent.

The general online MBA program, without choosing a concentration, can be completed in as little as one year. With any of Maryville’s 12 concentration selections, you can graduate in as few as 14 months.


Pursue a specialized MBA in Accounting and study advanced concepts in tax planning, risk management, strategic accounting, and financial statement analysis.

Learn more at our online MBA in Accounting page.

Data Analytics

Learn to leverage the power of data in driving key business decisions by studying areas such as analytics, data visualization, and predictive modeling.


Earn an online MBA in Cybersecurity and learn about effective cyber defense controls, forensic examination, and legal aspects of privacy and compliance.

Learn more at our online MBA in Cybersecurity page.

Emerging and Digital Media

Gain the skills to help you excel in an increasingly digital communications landscape. Learn how to use new tools and techniques such as integrated marketing, analytics, and search engine optimization, and develop the skills to become a leader in this fast-growing field.

Learn more on our online MBA in Emerging and Digital Media page.

Financial Services

Earn a specialized MBA in Financial Services. Learn advanced concepts in the financial industry, financial institutions, money and the economy, investment alternatives, and portfolio construction.

Learn more at our online MBA in Financial Services page.

Health Administration

Earn your MBA online with a specialized focus in Health Administration. Study advanced topics in healthcare industry and practice management, healthcare practice management operations, medical law, ethics, risk management, and quality and population health management.

Learn more at our online MBA in Health Administration page.


Human Resources Management

Earn your MBA online and study advanced topics in human resource management, employment law and compliance, compensation, and benefits.

Learn more at our online MBA in HR Management page.

Information Technology

Complete your MBA online and develop specialized knowledge in IT. Study information technology management, agile analysis and design, database principles, and data analytics.

Learn more at our online MBA in IT page.


Study advanced concepts in project management, human resource management, interpersonal management, and leadership.

Learn more at our online MBA in General Management page.


Earn a specialized education in consumer behavior, social networking, search engine optimization, branding, and integrated marketing communications. In today’s marketing world, the MBA carries a prestige that can enhance your personal brand and potential for advancement.

Learn more at our online MBA in Marketing page.

Project Management

Complete your MBA online and discover project management principles, operations management, supply chain management, and enterprise planning.

Learn more at our online MBA in Project Management page.

Software Development

Add a creative spark to your online MBA and become more adept in the design and development of computer software. Gain knowledge of programming, data structures, web applications, and agile systems analysis and design.

We’re distinguished by our dedication to your success

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The Business World Is All About Connections — So Is Our Online MBA

Why choose our student-centered online master’s in business administration program? One reason is that we’re focused on building your industry connections. The John E. Simon School of Business and the faculty of our online MBA Missouri-based program cultivate partnerships with companies from around the world in every business sector. Our connections improve your networking opportunities. They also ensure our program is addressing industry needs.

Our business partners include:

  • Ameren
  • Boeing
  • Centene
  • Centric Group
  • Edward Jones
  • Express Scripts
  • Maritz
  • Mercy Health
  • Rawlings
  • Scottrade
  • SSM Health
  • Suddenlink

Is an Online MBA Degree Worth It?

New MBA graduates can earn an average of 22% to 40% more than bachelor’s degree holders, according to the Corporate Recruiters Survey 2022 by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Even better, our one-year online MBA completion option makes it possible to recoup your financial costs faster than you could with many other programs.

What Can You Do with an Online MBA Degree?

No matter the industry, an MBA is the standard qualifier for management, leadership, and career advancement opportunities. In 2019–20, approximately 23% of all master’s degrees conferred were in business, according to the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics. Today’s organizations expect their top applicants, potential managers, and leaders to have an MBA. That makes earning an online MBA one of the smartest business moves you can make.

Top MBA Careers for Graduates

An online master’s degree in business administration helps you develop the expertise to pursue a number of careers including:

Online MBA graduates work in business settings such as:

  • Financial institutions
  • Government/public administration
  • Hospital and healthcare systems
  • Independent consulting firms
  • Insurance companies
  • IT companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Multinational corporations
  • Startups

Find out more about careers for MBA graduates.

What Is the Typical Online MBA Salary?

Many students base their selection of an online master’s degree in business administration on price or prestige. We think you should focus on ROI (return on investment). You can earn your online MBA at Maryville in as little as one year and with no GMAT required. That’s a wise investment when you consider the substantial opportunities that could come your way upon graduation. Start with your pre-MBA salary, and then calculate your potential lifetime earnings with your online MBA.

Take a look at some of the top median salaries for MBA graduates below, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and imagine what a specialized online MBA degree can do to prepare you for future roles:


Financial Analyst


Financial Manager


Human Resources

HR Specialist


HR Manager



Marketing Specialist


Marketing Manager



Administrative Services Manager


Medical & Health Services Manager







Online MBA Degree Job Outlook

Become a highly sought-after business leader.

Overall employment in management occupations is projected to grow 8% from 2021 to 2031, according to the BLS. This growth is faster than the average for all occupations. Combined with the need to replace retiring workers, it’s expected to result in a robust 1.1 million job openings each year over the decade.

Command a high salary.

Today’s employers place an enormous value on qualified and capable business leaders — and they compensate these leaders accordingly. The median salary across all management positions is $102,450, according to the BLS — the highest of the major occupational categories and more than twice the median salary for all occupations ($45,760).

Fulfill your professional potential.

Earning your MBA not only prepares you with the leadership, strategic thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that hiring managers require, it also demonstrates to potential employers that you have the discipline, determination, and dedication to take on great endeavors and see them through.

Take control of your career advancement.

What’s the next step in your career? With an online MBA degree from Maryville, you can write your own ticket as you prepare for advancement into management-level careers — and beyond. As an MBA graduate, you can qualify for more influential roles — roles that can directly affect the success of your team, your organization, or even your industry. You may find yourself leading a division or an entire company, making crucial decisions as a respected executive leader. If that’s the kind of career potential you want to unlock, then earning a Master of Business Administration can be your key to success.

Why Choose Maryville for Your Online MBA Degree?

Maryville’s online MBA degree program — which can be completed in as little as one year, with no GMAT or GRE required — teaches the interpersonal, theoretical, and practical skills needed to solve the complex and challenging business problems today’s organizations face.

When you earn your MBA degree online at Maryville, you not only gain access to seasoned business leaders devoted to sharing their expertise, you also gain opportunities to develop a robust professional network and pursue a better salary upon graduation. As you engage in rigorous analytical studies and collaborate with classmates from diverse backgrounds, you cultivate experience and know-how that’s key to thriving in the business world. Maryville University was founded in 1872 in St. Louis, Missouri, and has been helping brave, motivated professionals launch or enhance their careers with industry expertise ever since. Ninety percent of our full-time faculty holds a doctorate or terminal degree, and our management and leadership faculty can teach you how to lead in the real world, leveraging decades of combined experience in high-profile companies like Boeing, Emerson, and Monsanto. We are proud of our reputation for quality academics, accelerated growth, and affordability, because it demonstrates our commitment to advancing students like you.

Meet our Online MBA Faculty

We asked Christopher Gourdine, assistant dean and assistant professor of business administration, for his thoughts on the MBA program. Here are his responses:

Communication skills, both in writing and in speaking, are first and foremost. These capabilities are required throughout our program, and opportunities to sharpen them for the workplace occur in every course. As we all know, communication skills can be a major differentiator between someone who simply maintains their current job and someone identified as having potential for higher leadership and responsibility.

Also, students can gain a deeper understanding in a wide array of areas important to employers, including traditional business components, such as marketing, corporate finance, and accounting; the latest technological skills in cybersecurity, business analytics, computer programming, and information systems; and search engine optimization. Each MBA student can customize their degree through the combination of concentrations and elective options to suit their aspirations and career goals. The initial exposure and learning in our courses can then be practiced in the workplace to build competence and expertise.


Online MBA Curriculum

Our online Master of Business Administration program is tailored to provide you with the skills you need to effectively manage whatever industry challenges you may face in your future. In addition, our program exposes you to advanced business concepts, such as networking, technical savvy, analytical thinking, leadership, finance and accounting, and systems-level thinking.

The online MBA program consists of 36 credit hours for the general track and 39 for each of the 12 concentrations. Core courses cover topics ranging from business ethics and organizational development to business economics and strategic marketing.

You can learn more about our online MBA courses on our curriculum page.

Admission requirements for Maryville’s Online MBA — no GMAT or GRE required

Our business model is simple. We designed our online MBA program to give open access to highly motivated individuals. That’s why there are no GMAT or GRE entrance exam requirements and no application fee. You can start classes at a time that’s right for you by choosing one of six admission points during the year. If you’re ready to put in the work, we’re ready to help you stand out. Our admission requirements include the following:

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Official academic transcripts.
  • A completed online application — no fee required.
  • Personal statement explaining qualifications for graduate work.
  • International applicants: Official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 563 within 2 years of application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earning a master’s in business administration online prepares graduates for a host of opportunities in the public, private, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors. It also sets them up to thrive in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, energy, investment banking, and IT.

For example, organizations of all sizes need consultants to help them overcome business challenges and integrate innovative procedures that reduce costs and increase efficiency. Financial institutions and insurance companies rely on savvy analysts to bridge the gaps between their IT and business departments. Every type of company seeks qualified professionals to strategically market itself and guide its financial decisions.

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