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Choosing to further your education takes courage. And we want to make sure that kind of bravery is rewarded. That’s why it’s our goal to make sure our online students have everything they need to thrive. We do that by offering the following support services.

Student Advisors

As an online student, you will be assigned a student support advisor to guide and assist you — via convenient means like text, email, or phone — from enrollment through graduation. These advisors are here to assist you with questions, encourage you as you face challenges, and connect you to the appropriate resources when you need them.

In addition to a student support advisor, you will have access to a wealth of resources compiled by the Online Life Coach Team through the Student Success Hub in Canvas. Whether you are looking for academic success strategies or career development support, the Online Life Coach Team is here to connect you to available resources throughout your time at Maryville.

Canvas Training Webinar

Once accepted, we want to ensure that you are comfortable working within the online course environment and are able to participate in all of your course activities. To accomplish this goal, we offer canvas training webinars at various times throughout each year to show you what you can expect in your course. In these one-hour sessions, you can familiarize yourself with the following:

Characteristics of successful online students

Navigation and tools of your online course

Best ways to begin working in your online course

Options for getting help as you are learning online

For more information, or to register for a canvas training webinar, log into your Applicant Community and check out the Events Calendar.

Online Library

Maryville University students have access to an immense set of online library resources. This means you can access a robust catalog of ebooks and educational databases, schedule one-on-one consultations with librarians, and use a number of digital services. Resources like videos and articles are available on-demand, and you can take advantage of services like interlibrary loan, citation help, and 24/7 Live Chat. Students also have access to Overdrive and Flipster, two popular apps for leisurely reading, as well as access to our home library and research library.

For more information, or to access library resources, you can visit the library page.

Academic Support

Maryville undergraduate online students have 24/7 academic support through online tutoring. This tutoring service offers online tutoring to help you any day, any time. Our online tutoring provides you with easy access to expert tutors — on demand or by appointment — across a wide range of subjects.


Technical Support

Maryville’s Service Desk provides 24/7 assistance to students for all of their technology needs. You can access the service desk online or via phone at any time, and our assistants can help connect you to the campus network, adjust your antivirus software, manage classroom technology, and facilitate connection to our learning management system.

You can contact the Service Desk at:

MyMaryville Community

As an online student at Maryville, you have access to the MyMaryville Community website, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions; connect with other students, faculty, and staff; and stay informed on student news. The MyMaryville Community is available to you beginning six weeks prior to the start of your first term, after you have registered for classes.

To access the MyMaryville Community, log in to using your username and password.

Personal Counseling

If you feel stressed out or need resources to help you through the challenges of academic pressures, the personal counseling office has resources available to all students. These include guided meditation recordings, crisis resources and hotline numbers, information for parents and for international students, and more.

You can learn more about these resources by visiting our personal counseling page.

CliftonStrengths Assessment

All students are given the opportunity to participate in the CliftonStrengths assessment free of charge. This assessment usually takes less than an hour to complete and offers a detailed report of your top five strengths. Students can use the information provided on this report to discover what they naturally do best, where their greatest talents are, and how to apply them to achieve their goals.

Undergraduate students can request an access code for the CliftonStrengths assessment via the Online Orientation course, which can be accessed through the Canvas dashboard four weeks prior to your first class.

Online Life Coach Team

When you make the brave decision to earn your college degree, you can take comfort in knowing that we are here to support you every step of the way. Throughout your time at Maryville, the Online Life Coach Team will be available to connect you with resources for study strategies and online tutoring, resume writing and virtual career events, and help you leverage your top five strengths to achieve your personal goals.

You can get in touch with the Online Life Coach Team at

We want to set you up for success.

You may not be attending classes on campus, but as an online student at Maryville, you’ll have a host of resources to help you succeed at every step of your educational journey. And we’re constantly looking to improve on your student experience. So if there’s something we’re not providing that you think could really help, we’re always open to recommendations on how to serve you better. We’ll make every effort to make your experience the best it can be.

Explore LinkedIn Learning

Once accepted, all Maryville Online undergraduate students have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is an online skill share library with over 5,000 professional courses for every step of your career. Each course is online and taught by experienced instructors.

Learn more about LinkedIn Learning by watching this introductory video or visiting the official YouTube page for more examples.

Connect with Handshake

At Maryville, we’ve got your back — even during your job hunt. As an online student you can access Handshake, the online hub for employers seeking professionals like you. With Handshake, you can find career advantages such as:

  • Personalized job recommendations based on your major and interests
  • Paid internships
  • Part-time and full-time employment in a variety of fields
  • Opportunities to make connections with students, alumni, and employers
  • Virtual career fairs and events

Learn more by visiting the Handshake website at


Are you tech ready? As a Maryville online student, we can help you get there. The scanning program makes it easy for you to detect and correct any technical issues on your student devices. If the scan uncovers a problem, you’ll receive a step-by-step guide to help you fix any issues.

Try a free scan or learn more at

Still have questions?

Student support services may vary by program, so reach out to your enrollment advisor to find out which are available to you. 

Everything you need to succeed is right here.