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Learn how to apply psychology principles in your future career.

Psychology, the study of human behavior, is a fascinating and broadly practical discipline. Through research and observation, psychology students aim to learn how the mind works in certain situations and various environments and why. The answers to these questions can have implications that reach far beyond clinical and cognitive care.

Maryville University’s online bachelor’s in psychology program can help you develop the deeper understanding of contemporary psychology you need to start or advance your career in a field such as healthcare, counseling, business, or education. In addition, this degree can give you the foundation to pursue graduate study in psychology, organizational development, or another potentially high-paying area.

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Why Earn Your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online?


Maryville University’s 100% online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program offers an exciting exploration of the broad fields of psychology and social science, backed by a unique research sequence to help you focus your interests and give you applied experience in the field.

Like all our online programs, the BA in Psychology online program employs leading education technologies that are easy to navigate, are supported by personalized attention, and foster meaningful connections with faculty members and fellow students.

Because our program is fully online, it allows you to pursue your bachelor’s degree in psychology while maintaining family, work, and other commitments. This flexibility can help you achieve your goals at a pace that’s most convenient for you.

Further your psychology interests — 100% online

Complete your coursework 100% online.
No campus visits are required.

Work at your own pace.
With eligible transfer credits, earn your bachelor’s in psychology in less than 2 years (full time) or less than 3.5 years (part time).

Pursue your research interests.
Collaborate with supportive and attentive faculty on a research project.

Apply without barriers.
No SAT or ACT entrance exams or application fees required.

What Can You Do with Your BA in Psychology Online?

Earning your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online can equip you with an understanding of the different types of psychology and how they’re applied. It can also qualify you to pursue a career in any of a wide range of disciplines.

While earning an undergraduate psychology degree can lead to roles in psychology, it can also open up opportunities outside the field. Understanding human behavior can directly contribute to success in a range of careers. You can apply psychological theories and principles regarding social and multicultural psychology, human behavior and cognition, and human development to roles in marketing, human resources, business training, or criminal justice.

Additionally, earning a BA psychology online degree can prepare you to pursue an advanced degree and develop a specialization in the field.

Should you wish to pursue a graduate degree, our bachelor’s in psychology online paves the way for you to enroll in a variety of Maryville master’s programs in business, healthcare administration, or management, among many other areas of study.

Online BA in Psychology Careers

With your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online degree, you can pursue a career in a wide array of fields, including:

Jobs you can qualify for with a BA in psychology online include:

Online bachelor’s in psychology graduates can choose from many work settings, including:

  • Global companies
  • Small businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Public health
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Community services
  • Counseling centers
  • Schools
  • Government agencies

To learn more about the exciting career paths available to graduates of Maryville’s online bachelor’s in psychology program, see our Careers for Psychology Bachelor’s Degree Graduates page.

What Is the Typical Bachelor’s in Psychology Salary?

With your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online degree, you can pursue careers with the following median salaries. Some professions may require additional education or experience:

Survey Researcher


Human Resources Specialist


Market Research Analyst


Mental Health Counselor


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), May 2021

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online Job Outlook

Psychology expertise is increasing in value among employers. Connections between mental health and learning success have sparked a demand for professionals who understand the relationship between psychology and education. Correlations between business objectives and employee behavior have done the same for analysts in the private sector. Drawing insights from how social psychology impacts consumer behavior can be crucial to marketing professionals across a large range of industries.

Group of business professionals analyze chart

Earning a BA in Psychology online opens doors to a wide range of career paths.

Many people who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology go on to work in fields such as business, management, sales, marketing, insurance, real estate, and law. Employment opportunities projected to increase between 2021 and 2031 include jobs in market research (up 19%) and human resources (up 8%), according to the BLS.

woman professionals working in business financial

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online alone can qualify you for careers in the field.

Earning a BA in Psychology can prepare you for several entry-level roles directly related to the field. These positions can help you cultivate further skills that can lead to more advanced roles.

Confident psychologist holding a clipboard

Our BA in Psychology online program prepares you well for the future.

As an undergraduate at Maryville, you’ll receive a student-centered, future-focused education that prepares you for success today and wherever your ambition takes you tomorrow, whether you move directly into a rewarding career or pursue an advanced degree.

Why Choose Maryville for Your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online?

Maryville’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online program provides a rigorous, distinguished, and personalized education that’s convenient and affordable. Our top-tier faculty is dedicated to your success, and you have many opportunities for financial aid.

As a student in Maryville’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online program, you’ll:

  • Access rigorous online courses through our advanced, user-friendly learning platform
  • Enroll in psychology courses that meet the American Psychological Association’s standards
  • Connect with expert faculty members invested in helping you plan your psychology career
  • Gain a strong foundation in research at the undergraduate level
  • Develop a broad foundation in contemporary psychology to prepare for graduate study

For nearly 150 years, we have continuously offered a high-quality educational experience through the Maryville Approach ― a methodology that embraces innovation, a student-first focus, and a commitment to helping you accomplish your personal and professional goals.

We’re continually recognized for excellence:

Maryville University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
Forbes America's Top Colleges
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Our BA in Psychology online students are finding success at Maryville. So can you.

“Every psychology professor I’ve had at Maryville has been really, really great. They are not just professors. They are able to be your friends and mentors, and guide you in a direction that will ensure that you succeed.”

— Amelia Nguyen

“I decided to focus more on school bullying. I just started doing research — reading books and as many articles as I could get my hands on. I got a lot of help from my professors, which has been really nice.”

— Kyle Deeken

Meet Our Online BA in Psychology Faculty

Peter GreenMeet Dr. Peter Green.

Dr. Green joined Maryville University in 2008. He uses his professional and research-based insight to teach students the guiding principles of psychology — and he knows how to tailor them to a student’s area of interest.

  • PhD, University of Iowa
  • MA, University of Iowa
  • BA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Green is a social psychologist whose expertise includes alcohol use among college students, intimate partner violence, and racial differences in judicial sentences. He also has a background in research, which helps guide undergraduate students in the psychology program as they engage in research to inform and enhance their learning.

Learn more about our social sciences faculty members.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online Curriculum

Maryville’s BA in Psychology online curriculum prepares students with a strong foundation in the broad theoretical underpinnings of contemporary psychology and cements that knowledge through applied, career-related experiences.

Coursework blends insights from social sciences and psychology to help you understand the guiding principles that contextualize human behaviors. Graduates can emerge with enhanced social awareness, a strong foundation in psychology theory, and the knowledge to apply it in a range of fields.

Students with eligible transfer credits can complete this degree in less than two years of full-time study.

Psychology Core Courses — Study the biological, social, and clinical aspects of human behavior, as well as the broad theoretical issues of modern psychology.

Clinical Psychology Courses — Focus your psychology knowledge with a comprehensive approach to mental and behavioral healthcare for individuals, families, and communities.

Social Psychology Courses — Learn how psychology can be used to improve interpersonal and group relationships.

Social Science Research Sequence — This series of courses provides an interconnected understanding of how to craft research, analyze results, and present findings.

Expand Your Expertise to Unlock More Versatility

The Maryville online bachelor’s degree in psychology helps prepare you to apply psychology expertise in any of a range of fields. You’ll graduate ready to qualify for positions in healthcare, education, business, government agencies, and many other settings.

The degree can also provide the foundation you need to pursue advanced graduate studies in psychology, organizational development, or another subject.

Get Started on Your Graduate Education with Early Access

At Maryville University, you can get a head start on your graduate degree while earning your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online through our Early Access program.

With Early Access, you can earn up to 12 credits that count toward your master’s degree and your bachelor’s. Credits you earn through Early Access are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate, meaning you can save time and money on your graduate education.

To qualify for Early Access, you must be a current Maryville undergraduate student and have completed at least 75 credit hours with a GPA of 3.25 or better.

If you qualify and have not yet completed your elective requirements, we invite you to contact your academic advisor to explore Early Access and learn more about some of our exciting online graduate programs.

When you’re ready to go further, we offer many online graduate degree options:

Master of Health Administration (MHA): Choose from four concentrations: Senior Services, Population Health Management, Health Informatics and Analytics, or Healthcare Leadership.

Master of Business Administration (MBA): Tailor this program to align with your career goals. Select from 12 concentrations that include Health Administration and General Management.

Master of Arts in Management and Leadership (MAML): This program is designed to help you prepare for a senior-level management position in your desired field.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership (MACL): Learn to lead through an immersive curriculum that gives you the opportunity to study theory, gain practical experience, and earn relevant professional certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earning your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online can qualify you to pursue a career in any of a wide range of disciplines — including healthcare, business, education, and advocacy — or you can go on to earn an advanced degree with a particular specialization in the field.

Want to earn a graduate degree? Maryville offers master’s degree programs that take you where you want to go.

Apply to the BA in Psychology online degree program at Maryville University.