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Discover your algorithm for career success with a certificate in machine learning.

Global business and commerce increasingly rely on machine learning to help identify trends and patterns, predict outcomes, increase efficiency, and discover client and user insights. According to a report by Zion Market Research, the global machine learning market is projected to grow from $1.58 billion to nearly $21 billion between 2017 and 2024 — a compound annual growth rate of 44%.

The implications of machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, are broad, and the potential is limitless — spanning almost every industry and yielding high-demand, high-paying career opportunities. In fact, one of the few things holding many businesses back from implementing machine learning solutions is difficulty finding skilled talent to run the operations.

At Maryville, we offer a 100% online, project-based Certificate in Machine Learning designed to help you thrive in this field. If you have a STEM-related bachelor’s degree or experience in computer and data science, this certificate can help you build an advanced understanding of machine learning techniques and technologies. When you earn your machine learning certificate, you can be the expert your organization needs to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology — or pursue a new career in nearly any industry.

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Who should earn a professional certificate in machine learning?

Do you have a background in computer science, data science, cybersecurity, or a related field? Do you already hold a bachelor’s degree in a STEM-related field? Do you dream of turning your personal passion for computer programming and analytics into a rewarding career? Our online machine learning program might be the perfect solution to help you take the next step in your education and career.

Our machine learning certificate is a post-baccalaureate credential intended for people who already have some background in science and technology or a drive to take their computer science hobby into their career. It’s designed to be flexible and streamlined, so you can upskill for your current career or reskill to pursue new opportunities without having to commit to earning a full master’s degree.

Concepts in machine learning have applications across almost every industry. Whether you’re looking to advance or grow in your current position or find a new passion in a future-focused field, your machine learning certificate can be the first step toward accomplishing your goals.

Why earn your online professional certificate in machine learning?

Machine learning is a burgeoning field with tremendous upside. Career and employment search engine recently listed machine learning engineer as the top job, boasting an average salary of $146,085 and a 344% growth in number of listings the four years prior.

Machine learning has shown amazing potential in areas as diverse as improving profit and advancing scientific and medical research. Entertainment and commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Netflix have famously used machine learning to create better user experiences and enhance delivery systems, but applications of the technology go far beyond these categories. In one key example, a 2017 report published by Google indicated that its deep learning algorithm was able to detect breast cancer in scans with 89% accuracy, about 16% higher than human pathologists — and in a fraction of the time. In another example, tech-focused car manufacturer Tesla is using data captured across billions of miles driven to help inform the systems that may eventually lead to fully automated self-driving vehicles.

These are revolutionary uses of a revolutionary technology, and you could help lead more initiatives like them. We designed our online certificate in machine learning to position you for success in this booming field. Our certificate program can help you build a graduate-level foundation in machine learning, predictive modeling, and computer programming in languages like R, SQL, and Python in only five courses — less than half as many as a traditional master’s degree.

Dynamic, affordable, and streamlined.

Get personalized support. Benefit from a dedicated student support team who can assist you from application through graduation.

Learn from a streamlined curriculum. Study the most important topics in machine learning and earn your certificate in only five classes.

Prepare for further credentials. Complete coursework that you can apply toward a master’s degree in data science, or earn a future professional certificate in big data with just 3 additional courses.

Gain real-world experience. Learn from a practical, experiential program that helps you build skills you can apply in your career immediately.

What can you do with your online certificate in machine learning?

According to a recent report by the learning company O’Reilly Media, machine learning is on the rise in tech-based business: 51% of organizations surveyed categorized themselves as either “early adopters” or “sophisticated users” of machine learning, with 49% of organizations listed as “just looking.” The study also indicates one of the main barriers businesses face to implementing machine learning is a lack of expert talent.

With your online certificate in machine learning, you can become the talent organizations need to help them implement and benefit from machine learning solutions. Better yet, businesses recognize the enormous value machine learning brings, so you can qualify for a high-security, high-paying career.

What types of careers can I pursue?

When you earn your machine learning certificate, you open the door to a broad spectrum of opportunities. Machine learning is used in nearly every industry. Financial firms, social media, entertainment platforms, tech startups, nonprofits, healthcare practices, fuel and energy providers, automobile manufacturers, and even farms take advantage of the insights and automation machine learning can provide to increase efficiency and maximize their operations.

When it comes to machine learning careers, you can choose your destination based on what’s important to you.

Put your machine learning certificate to work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Advertising and communication agencies
  • Energy and fuel providers
  • Farms and agriculture sites
  • Financial services firms
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Insurance companies
  • Local, state, and government offices
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Marketing firms
  • Nonprofits
  • Supply chain operations
  • Tech startups

Career opportunities in machine learning include:

  • Data scientist
  • Data engineer
  • Database architect
  • Database/data mining analyst
  • Database engineer
  • Machine learning engineer

Where can your machine learning certificate take you?

Command a high salary

With the global machine learning market poised to break $20 billion by 2024, according to Zion Market Research, it’s clear that future-focused businesses are making machine learning initiatives a priority. That means there’s plenty of opportunity to pursue a high-paying career.

While salaries may vary based on factors like experience, location, and education, your machine learning certificate can help you can qualify for high-paying jobs like data engineer ($92,445**), data scientist ($94,280*), and database administrator/architect ($96,110*). Some careers, like machine learning engineer, can reach salaries of nearly $150,000, according to data from

*Median salaries and growth rates based on 2019 data compiled by the BLS. Salaries vary based on factors like experience, industry, location, and your undergraduate degree or other credentials.
**Salary based on self-reported data compiled by

Find a career in a growing field

The field of artificial intelligence presents immense room for growth, and machine learning is on the rise. In fact, according to the advising firm Gartner, 37% of businesses used artificial intelligence by 2019, up 270% over the previous four years. Garter also notes as many as four in five emerging technologies could take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning in some capacity.

With your machine learning certificate, you can pursue high-growth careers like computer/information research scientist (15% growth projected over the period surveyed*), computer systems engineer/architect (7% to 10%**), database administrator (7% to 10%**), market research analyst (18%*), mathematician/statistician (33%*), and operations research analyst (25%*).

*Growth rates based on projections for 2019 to 2029 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
**Growth rates based on projections for 2018 to 2028 by O*Net Online.

Help fill the talent gap

As demand for machine learning experts rises, many positions go unfilled. Because there’s a shortage of qualified talent in machine learning, employers are struggling to find the right fit for the growing number of careers in this field. Some reports indicate that there may be millions of careers open worldwide in artificial intelligence, including machine learning jobs, but as few as 300,000 qualified employees to fill them.*

Our professional machine learning certificate program is designed to help you build your skills with a quick turnaround time, so you can position yourself as an expert and take advantage of the huge demand in this field.

*Forbes, “The AI Skills Crisis and How to Close the Gap”

Why choose Maryville’s online machine learning certificate?

Build a skills-based education

Our Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Machine Learning program is designed to teach you the skills and techniques to excel in the field, with practical and project-based learning informed by actual issues in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In our program, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a dynamic education from experienced faculty, so you can apply your knowledge to your job in real time — or prepare to pursue a new career.

Maximize your education opportunity

When you earn your post-bachelor’s certificate from Maryville you can apply your coursework toward a future certificate in big data (up to 6 credit hours) or a Master of Science in Data Science (up to 15 credit hours). That means if you decide to pursue further education, you can do so quicker and with a lighter financial investment.

We’re continually recognized for excellence:

Maryville University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
Forbes America's Top Colleges
Kiplinger Best College Values
Money's Best Colleges

Put our reputation to work

Maryville University was founded in 1872 and has been helping brave, motivated professionals launch or enhance their careers with industry expertise ever since. Ninety percent of our full-time faculty holds a doctorate or terminal degree, and our computer science faculty comprises experienced practitioners and experts in the field.

We’re proud of our reputation for quality academics, accelerated growth, and affordability, because it demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Online certificate in machine learning curriculum

We designed our machine learning certificate program to give you a streamlined path toward a strong foundation in graduate-level machine learning concepts. Our curriculum features core coursework that can help you build and refine your skills in in-demand areas like predictive learning and computer programming languages, so you can establish yourself as a leader in this booming field.*

Learn in-demand skills in machine learning

Build your expertise in this fast-paced field with project-based, practical courses in machine learning, predictive modeling, and programming languages like R, Python, and SQL.

Customize your experience

Do you already have master’s-level credits in machine learning? Our program gives you the opportunity to transfer in up to two graduate-level courses (6 credits), shortening your time to completion.

Expand your knowledge with a second certificate

Want to build your skills with an additional post-bachelor’s certificate? We also offer an online certificate in big data. If you choose to pursue both certificates, you can apply your machine learning coursework and earn your big data certificate in just 3 additional courses. That means you can earn both credentials in only 8 total courses.

Core Courses (15 credit hours)

DSCI 502R Programming3 Credits
DSCI 503Python3 Credits
DSCI 504SQL3 Credits
DSCI 508Machine Learning 3 Credits
DSCI 512Predictive Modeling3 Credits

Do you already have master’s-level credits in machine learning? Our program gives you the opportunity to transfer in up to two graduate-level courses (6 credits), shortening your time to completion.

*No electives are required to complete the online certificate in machine learning. To ensure the best possible educational experience for our students, we may update our curriculum to reflect emerging and changing employer and industry trends. Undergraduate programs and certificates are designed to be taken at a part-time pace. Please speak to your advisor for more details.

Ready for your next step?

Take your education further with your Master of Science in Data Science

While your post-bachelor’s certificate can help you qualify for a great career in machine learning, a master’s degree can further establish you as a leader in the field of data science. If your goal is to pursue further credentials, we can help you maximize your time.

When you earn your machine learning certificate from Maryville Online, your classes will count toward a Master of Science in Data Science as well. That means once you complete your certificate, you’re well on your way toward the next step in your education.

Want to learn more about how your Master of Science in Data Science can help you take your Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Machine Learning further? Schedule a call with an advisor and discuss the benefits for your career.

Learn more about the online certificate in machine learning at Maryville University.