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Maryville University Online Master’s in Software Development Curriculum

When you earn your online master’s in software development from Maryville University, you can prepare to launch or advance your career in a number of high-tech fields like computer programming, systems administration, mobile app development, web development, UX/UI, and DevOps. You can complete the program 100% online in as few as 12 months.

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Required Courses

Admission Prerequisite: BUS-501, Survey of Business, will be required if your GPA is below a 3.0 and/or if your undergraduate degree was outside the area of business; however, credits earned in foundational courses (such as BUS 501) are considered prerequisites to courses required for the graduate degree.

SWDV 600Software Development I3 Credits
SWDV 610Software Development II3 Credits
SWDV 620Web Application Development3 Credits
SWDV 630Advanced Topics in Software Development3 Credits
SWDV 640User Interface Design3 Credits
SWDV 650Software Development Processes, Procedures and Methodologies3 Credits
SWDV 655Database Principles & Development3 Credits
SWDV 660Applied DevOps3 Credits
SWDV 665Advanced Topics in Software Development3 Credits
SWDV 691Software Development Capstone3 Credits

To ensure the best possible educational experience for our students, we may update our curriculum to reflect emerging and changing employer and industry trends.

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What are some of the skills and competencies taught in software development courses?

A typical software development master’s curriculum consists of courses that can give you in-depth knowledge and skills in several aspects of developing applications or software. When you earn your online master’s in software development, you can expect to cover the following skills, concepts, or opportunities:

  • Coding, development, and design. A degree in this field can help prepare you for the multifaceted world of software development. Successful developers are coders, programmers, and designers, and a master’s degree can equip you with the tools needed to excel in all of these areas.
  • Developing technologies. Some of the exciting opportunities in the field of software development include mobile app development, machine learning, augmented reality, and secure coding. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, you’ll need to keep up if you want to be a successful software developer. Your degree in software development can introduce you to these technologies and help familiarize you with the challenges and opportunities they present.
  • Applying skills to the latest technologies, tools, and industry trends. As a software developer, you’ll be expected to use the skills you gain through your education and practical experience to stay on top of new advances in the field. Software development professionals understand how to apply their comprehensive technical knowledge to help their employers or companies adopt the latest innovations.

What courses can I expect to take when I earn my master’s in software development online from Maryville?

At Maryville, our goal is to help brave software development students like you prepare to lead in this exciting field. Here’s information on some of the key courses you’ll take during your master’s program.

Intro to Programming. Programming is the foundation of software development. In this class, you’ll get the chance to learn programming concepts such as data types, control structures, methods, classes, arrays, and strings. Later in a program, you can further establish your skills by learning higher-level concepts like inheritance and polymorphism, creating user interfaces, exceptions, and streams.

Agile Systems Analysis and Design. Agile analysis and design, which leads to faster product deployment at a lower cost with less rework due to missed requirements, is swiftly replacing more traditional software design methods. In this course, you can develop your critical thinking skills while learning how to work in an agile environment.

Advanced Topics in Software Development. As a software development professional, you’ll have opportunities to specialize in a specific subset of the field. In our Advanced Topics in Software Development class, you’ll have the chance to learn about advanced, current software development applications and technologies, such as mobile app development, secure coding, and machine learning.

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The future of your software development career starts with one brave decision. When you choose to earn your master’s in software development from Maryville, you can be sure you’re learning the most relevant, in-demand skills for the future of the industry. We’re here to help you succeed.

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